52 Weeks - Double Cassette

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Into It. Over It. Bio

52 Weeks is an adventure Weiss set out on in 2007, when he decided to embark on a year long project that would eventually result in his writing, recording and releasing one new song every week. By the end of his experiment, Weiss garnered over 300,000 unique downloads on his own. No Sleep approached Weiss about releasing the project as a limited edition double CD in 2009, which quickly sold out as word of mouth spread.

Continued demand for the music from fans, prompted Weiss and No Sleep Records to create an incredible, limited edition vinyl box set that captures the essence of dedication and hard work Weiss put into the project. The high quality release features the 52 tracks spread out over four pieces of vinyl along with a 52 page book that captures the journey Weiss took four years ago.

The surprise release comes on the heels of Into It. Over It.’s first headlining tour as a full band. Weiss, a prolific indie-rock troubadour has quickly gone from solo how show veteran to performing shows in front of thousands around the world, will take his music another step forward, continually evolving his sound as one of indie-rock’s most promising up-and-coming acts.

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Cassette Tape


1. Batsto (Side A)
2. The Outcome Of All Our Lives (Side A)
3. Heartificial (Side A)
4. Anchor (Side A)
5. Fak It (Side A)
6. Introduce THIS To Your Parents (Side A)
7. Everybody's (Fucking) Crazy (Side B)
8. A Song About Your Party (Side B)
9. Ashley's Big Adventure (Side B)
10. The Worst Company To Keep (Side B)
11. Friday At Brians (I Have To Be Up In Four Hours) (Side B)
12. 30 Ft. Spirit (Side B)
13. Next Stop: The Olympics (Side B)
14. ATM Disaster Scenes (Side C)
15. The Liquor Your Older Friends Bought (Side C)
16. David Caruso TV (Side C)
17. Spoonful Of Salt (Side C)
18. Sebadon't (Side C)
19. All Thumbs Down (Side C)
20. It's Not 2001 (Side D)
21. What's Written On Your Wrist (Side D)
22. Even Adam Kevin Helen (Side D)
23. Gin & Ironic (Side D)
24. Gear Isn't Expensive (Side D)
25. ChiKeyGo (Side D)
26. 22 Syllables (Side D)
27. Dan I.Y. (Side E)
28. 53% Accurate (Side E)
29. Clocked Out (Side E)
30. New Careers (Side E)
31. Second Rate Broadcasting (Side E)
32. Corrugated Windows (Side E)
33. Dude-A-Form (Dude Uniform) (Side F)
34. Watching You Cry In Public (Side F)
35. Can I Buy A V_wel? (Side F)
36. Blaargh!! (Side F)
37. Your Mantra (Side F)
38. Open A Book (Side F)
39. Starched And Hung (Side F)
40. ...And I Bite My Nails (Side G)
41. High & Mighty (Side G)
42. The Bullied Becomes The Bully (Police Story v2.0) (Side G)
43. Pinky Swear (Side G)
44. Southern California In The 80's (Side G)
45. We Organized Your Life (Side G)
46. Rearrange My Life (Side G)
47. Afternoon's Asleep (Side H)
48. Up Up Done Done (Side H)
49. Young Lungs (Side H)
50. Wearing White (Side H)
51. Radpid Shitty, SD (Side H)
52. No Big Chorus (Side H)

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